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The Pooled Christmas Fund is our way of giving something to everyone that we work with  across the world. Historically this fund has been for sponsors to give to their sponsered student a gift at christmas, however, we have taken those limitations off so that anyone that comes into contact with Karuna Action can give to those in need at a time when we are all thinking about giving. This could be a family in Peru who are recieving support through of domestic abuse or a child in the DR Congo who will get nothing at christmas as families here can't even put food on the table for them daily let alone a christmas lunch like many of us will enjoy with family this year.

Every penny you give goes a long way to making christmas a time of joy and celebration for the thoughsands of people we are working with around the world.

Passionate about poverty

Relationships are key to everything we do, whether it's with our supporters or with our partners around the world. Jesus changed the world through the way he related to people, it's through this way that we want you to be part of changing lives and transforming communities.


We work in partnerships with people and churches that have a vision to connect with their communities. Our partnerships are a two-way relationship, working on this basis often means that the projects we support continue for many years. We are not interested in a ‘quick fix’, we exist to see poverty eradicated through sustainable, relational projects. We believe that by supporting education, healthcare and income generation initiatives that are home grown, we can see the end of poverty in peoples lives.

Karuna Action

By giving to Karuna Action you are supporting many people all over the world as we seek to have an affect where it is most needed. By supporting Education, Healthcare and Income generation initiatives that are home grown you are investing in our partners and the projects they run to change lives and see an end to poverty

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